Frequently asked questions

How much notice is needed?

The question I'm most often asked! It simply depends what is already booked in the diary. As a very general rule, a fortnight is usually enough and a week is usually not, but some weeks book up quite far in advance. It's never to early to pencil in a date!


What flavours do you do?


Choose a sponge, a filling and a buttercream covering (fondant cakes still have a layer of buttercream underneath). The way it tastes is just as important as how it looks! If in doubt, you can't go wrong with a vanilla sponge, rasberry jam filling and vanilla buttercream covering for a traditional 'birthday cake' crowd-pleaser.



As for cakes, but often made without a filling because there's enough happening on the top!



Vanilla, chocolate and coffee work best with the chocolate/candy melt coatings.


If you can't see the flavour you'd like, just ask - I might be able to help.


1. Choose your sponge:



Milk chocolate 

Dark chocolate

Chocolate & Guinness

Red velvet



Lemon drizzle


Orange drizzle

Carrot (not suitable for fondant cakes)


2. Choose your filling:

Seedless raspberry jam

Strawberry jam

Lemon curd

Caramel sauce

Salted caramel sauce

Buttercream (any flavour from the list below)


3. Choose your buttercream covering:

Fondant cakes still have a layer of buttercream underneath the fondant to smooth out the crumbs and to help keep the cake moist.


Milk chocolate

Dark chocolate








How is my cake made?

I bake regularly - this means that your cake will be fresh for a good few days after you collect it. I always use free range eggs in my cakes and real butter in my buttercream! Sometimes I also need a bit of help from a top local bakery, either for particularly large orders or to squeeze an extra one in to a busy week - their cakes are used by top decorators all over the country so being able to call on them gives me added flexibility without compromising on quality results. If you have a preference, though, just let me know when you're ordering - I won't be offended either way! The buttercream is always my homemade version, though ;) 


How long will my cake last?

Fondant cakes: at their best for about the first three days after collection and still enjoyable for up to a week. 


Buttercream cakes: at their best for the first couple of days after collection and still enjoyable after four. 


Cupcakes: best eaten within 24 hours but still enjoyable for another day or two. 


Cake pops: perfectly enjoyable for up to about 5 days after collection.


How do I store my cake?

Keep it in its box at room temperature, away from sunny windows or radiators. It's happy in a cool garage but not in the fridge.


What about allergies?

Lots of designs can be made to suit particular dietary requirements. I am unable to cater for severe allergies because a home kitchen cannot provide a sterile environment, but I am happy to work to 'free from' recipes separately to other orders. A full list of ingredients is available on request.


How do I pay?

Once we have settled on a design and you are happy to confirm your order, I will ask for a 50% deposit. This can be paid either by bank transfer, Paypal or cash in an envelope. The balance is payable prior to collection by any of the same means. I will of course always send you a picture of your finished cake first! 


The deposit is non-refundable in most circumstances, because I will be purchasing materials specific to your order and turning down others if the diary is full. However, I understand that plans can change, and I will always try to accommodate a change of date or change of cake style if time allows. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you think there might be a problem. 


When do I collect?

We will arrange a suitable time for you to collect your cake from my house in Gamston (NG2). I don't offer a delivery service as such, but I can sometimes help if you're stuck! Just ask.



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